Monday, 8 December 2014

Tiptoe through the Daisies

Two Thursdays ago I went home for a week, I basically lounged in oversized tshirts and watched alot of Foxtel. I went thrifting alot and continued sewing the cutest checkered mini skirt. Nothing much of note  happened except my week long extravaganza of trying to find a dress for Adams firms Christmas lunch. I mentioned last time that I wanted to wear a sequined dress, as Adam works in a pretty intense workplace I assumed everyone would dress fancy, and I basically just wanted to own something with sequins. Thrifting proved somewhat fruitless and so I decided to invest in something online with express shipping. As I am Australian we have few worthwhile online clothing stores, and I eventually settled on, which is actually British but their shipping time is very fast. I ordered this one with the intention of receiving it, only to be informed by the company after paying for it that they didnt actually have onein my size in stock and receiving a refund. So that lead to a mad search until I found one on Canberra buy trade and sell, which wasn't nearly as great but looked nice on. Throughout the entire experience, I found it rather confronting how most companies don't sell sequin dresses over a size 12 or 14, and this has lead me  to write a creative piece about how boring and confining plus sizes can be. ( I am a size 16 which is indeed considered plus before people kill me for not being a plus sized lady.) 

Since being back in Canberra, I have attended the firms lunch, (I'll post pictures in my December Summary. ) auditioned for the Crucible (no success, but the director didn't seem to like my hair so her loss) and spent alot of money trying to prepare for Christmas. Last Friday Adam took me out to Nandos in the city, and afterwards I bought two chokers from Lovisa, the daisy choker I'm wearing being one of them.

My dress I thrifted while at home, it appears to be vintage possibly from the 50s or 60s, and although it is a little tight around my stomach its really flattering with a petticoat under. My shoes are thrifted and appear to be made for Lolitas, I also own a similar pink pair which are a softer vinyl. 

I'm seventeen on the 21st which is a really scary concept, that means I'm eighteen next year and I finish school in one whole year, does anyone else have these feelings.. Like what am I going to do with my life? And what if I fail badly and have to move back home and become a hermit? Oh the stress of life as a teenager. 

Yatcht hair clip (not very clear) -Thrifted, Daisy choker- Lovisa, Blue mascara- Designer brands, Dress- Thrifted, Shoes- Thrifted. 

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