Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Boys only want love if it's torture.

I have officially booked an audition for the Crucible run by Canberra Rep theatre. This is a gigantic step for me as I have avoided any extra curricular activities in fear of rejection or general hate for 
my generation. it was recommended that it might be a step for me to meet people that I find interesting as at the moment everyone around me is a little too immature for my liking. ( I like binge drinking just as much as the next person, but every night? No thanks.) I was thinking about joining an amateur theatre troop, and even if I don't get through I'm just happy that I moved passed the crippling anxiety I feel when interacting with humans by choice. 
So today I went into the city to book the audition and grab a copy of the script, when my mum called and said she can organise an early ride for me to go home for the week. As Adam works every day I was hoping to visit my family and do some sewing. That dramatically changed  the tone of my day as I had to reschedule three days worth of errands into one. But I got to go thrifting in Tuggeranong which was prosperous. After visiting three thrift stores, I collected a pink raincoat, gingham 3/4 pants, shoes for diying, and a gorgeous black slip dress. 
The outfit I wore, was inspired by a flower girl meets grunge vibe and everything I'm wearing is thrifted. I've been doing alot of neutral tone eyeshadow as of late, coinciding with the release of the Venus Grunge Palette by limecrime, which although it is gorgeous, it is sadly out of my budget.

Pictured above- Thrift haul, raincoat, gingham pants, slip dress, satin shoes. 
Outfit- All thrifted, Docs- Vintage. 

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