Friday, 12 December 2014

I wanna be the girl with the most cake

I spend about eighty percent of my life watching YouTube vlogs and wishing my life was as cool as what they entail, I spend the other twenty percent re watching children's movies and trying not to eat cake. I could get a job, but I like the flexibility of being able to go home as much as I want at the moment. Although I do plan to get one after the new year, which will 'totally happen'. I literally did exactly what I just described today, and went out for an hour to see my councilor which may seem lame to admit on the internet, but IMO theres nothing lame about positive mental health, which also sounds incredibly lame.. (OK I'm just gonna stop). 

When Adam got home from work we went into the city to eat Nandos, literally the only dinner outing we can afford. But Nandos is so good, I could literally live there and eat pitas for the rest of my life. 
Afterwards he bought me the most adorable holographic clutch from Colette that I was lusting over in Civic the other day, and I almost cried with happiness in the store. 

Tomorrow we're going into the Belconnen to go to the trampoline park and to see Mocking Jay Part 1. I'm a huge hunger games fan from when the books came out, and lets be honest who doesn't have a crush on Jennifer Lawrence. Her nudes leaking was one of the worst things I've seen on the internet this year, but her response was killer. Honestly Sexting is just part of a modern day relationship, and the way the public acted over the 'supposed scandal' just enforces the misogynistic attitude related to women. For example, I saw about three naked or near naked men in my newsfeed today, yet that isn't perceived as a big deal? But the media acted as if it was some form of unspeakable act for a female to send provocative photos to a boyfriend. Female actress's have a rough time. 

This outfit is centred around my sunglasses which indeed are the $40 numbers I picked up from Glue on Wednesday. I wish these photos showed about how truly 'radical' the tint on the lenses are. My white muscle singlet pictured over my white crop top I picked up for $2 from an Opshop. I thought it would added a more textured feel to some of my white pieces if layered over. My gold belt actually has hippopotamuses on it and I haven't had a chance to wear it since I bought it but I thought it contrasted nicely with the black of my choker. 

Sunglasses- Glue (Quay eyeware), Choker-, Muscle Singlet- Thrifted, White crop top- Supre, Shorts- Thrifted (Mens section), Belt- Thrifted, Rings- Vintage (Gift from Mum), Hippie store, Stockings- Kmart, Jelly Sandals- Glue, Lipstick- Poisonberry (Limecrime). 

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Living Cactus Necklaces

Christmas is coming, and so is my Christmas shopping, I have received two packages this week, one a plain black tattoo choker that I ordered last week from boohoo and the other one of my mums Christmas presents. I decided to film and upload and review to YouTube as the company is just a start-up Australian business that a girl from my home town owns. I purchased some of the coolest items of jewelry I have ever seen, which are these fantastic Cactus necklaces. 

I ordered number two and three, one for my mum and one for me. I don't often buy jewelry online, or from stores. So it's a massive deal that I decided to purchase these. In fear of being lame and repetitive I won't repeat myself, I'll instead suggest you watch the video for my review of the company and It's product. I also apologize for the poor quality I am not by any means a vlogger.

In other news I went to Belconnen yesterday to buy Adams Christmas presents, I picked him up some shirts,shoes and pants. A pajama set for my mum and a $40! pair of Quay eyeware sunglasses from glue. In case you haven't cottoned on paying over like $10 for an item is a huge deal for me. #studentlife. 
I have a presentation night in Queanbeyan next week, for when I did distance education even I can't believe I was an A grade art student and got an award. Then I'll be going home for my birthday, Christmas and New years. I'm spending my days heftily anticipating Christmas and having an extraordinary amount of time having baths with my Lush Bubble Bar. 

I hope you're all having a wonderful winter/summer where-ever you are. 

Monday, 8 December 2014

Tiptoe through the Daisies

Two Thursdays ago I went home for a week, I basically lounged in oversized tshirts and watched alot of Foxtel. I went thrifting alot and continued sewing the cutest checkered mini skirt. Nothing much of note  happened except my week long extravaganza of trying to find a dress for Adams firms Christmas lunch. I mentioned last time that I wanted to wear a sequined dress, as Adam works in a pretty intense workplace I assumed everyone would dress fancy, and I basically just wanted to own something with sequins. Thrifting proved somewhat fruitless and so I decided to invest in something online with express shipping. As I am Australian we have few worthwhile online clothing stores, and I eventually settled on, which is actually British but their shipping time is very fast. I ordered this one with the intention of receiving it, only to be informed by the company after paying for it that they didnt actually have onein my size in stock and receiving a refund. So that lead to a mad search until I found one on Canberra buy trade and sell, which wasn't nearly as great but looked nice on. Throughout the entire experience, I found it rather confronting how most companies don't sell sequin dresses over a size 12 or 14, and this has lead me  to write a creative piece about how boring and confining plus sizes can be. ( I am a size 16 which is indeed considered plus before people kill me for not being a plus sized lady.) 

Since being back in Canberra, I have attended the firms lunch, (I'll post pictures in my December Summary. ) auditioned for the Crucible (no success, but the director didn't seem to like my hair so her loss) and spent alot of money trying to prepare for Christmas. Last Friday Adam took me out to Nandos in the city, and afterwards I bought two chokers from Lovisa, the daisy choker I'm wearing being one of them.

My dress I thrifted while at home, it appears to be vintage possibly from the 50s or 60s, and although it is a little tight around my stomach its really flattering with a petticoat under. My shoes are thrifted and appear to be made for Lolitas, I also own a similar pink pair which are a softer vinyl. 

I'm seventeen on the 21st which is a really scary concept, that means I'm eighteen next year and I finish school in one whole year, does anyone else have these feelings.. Like what am I going to do with my life? And what if I fail badly and have to move back home and become a hermit? Oh the stress of life as a teenager. 

Yatcht hair clip (not very clear) -Thrifted, Daisy choker- Lovisa, Blue mascara- Designer brands, Dress- Thrifted, Shoes- Thrifted. 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Boys only want love if it's torture.

I have officially booked an audition for the Crucible run by Canberra Rep theatre. This is a gigantic step for me as I have avoided any extra curricular activities in fear of rejection or general hate for 
my generation. it was recommended that it might be a step for me to meet people that I find interesting as at the moment everyone around me is a little too immature for my liking. ( I like binge drinking just as much as the next person, but every night? No thanks.) I was thinking about joining an amateur theatre troop, and even if I don't get through I'm just happy that I moved passed the crippling anxiety I feel when interacting with humans by choice. 
So today I went into the city to book the audition and grab a copy of the script, when my mum called and said she can organise an early ride for me to go home for the week. As Adam works every day I was hoping to visit my family and do some sewing. That dramatically changed  the tone of my day as I had to reschedule three days worth of errands into one. But I got to go thrifting in Tuggeranong which was prosperous. After visiting three thrift stores, I collected a pink raincoat, gingham 3/4 pants, shoes for diying, and a gorgeous black slip dress. 
The outfit I wore, was inspired by a flower girl meets grunge vibe and everything I'm wearing is thrifted. I've been doing alot of neutral tone eyeshadow as of late, coinciding with the release of the Venus Grunge Palette by limecrime, which although it is gorgeous, it is sadly out of my budget.

Pictured above- Thrift haul, raincoat, gingham pants, slip dress, satin shoes. 
Outfit- All thrifted, Docs- Vintage. 

Monday, 24 November 2014

Im the kitsch queen, Hear me scream.

Hello and welcome to my blog. Some of you may know me previously from my defunct blog Everchanging girl, which is where I began my blogging lifestyle. To be completely honest I was incredibly slack, and did not put nearly enough time into my posts or outfits, also most of my content was incredibly lame. But behind every blogger is a personal life which undertones their posts and mine has been overwhelming for the past two years. Consequentially In the ten or so months I have been AFK, I have moved 300 kilometers away, out of home and in with my boyfriend. I have started a new school, and reduced my list of old friends considerably. This is a huge mile stone for me and it seems appropriate that I re-instill into my life what I love which is writing, and fashion. I have started a new blog to document my style evolution and my lifestyle both of which I hope you find interesting. The title, (Queen of kitsch) comes from my love of everything that is 'so trashy its good' preferably glitter, pastel, fur, leather or frills. This outfit is centered around my favourite dress of all time, that I thrifted in the Belconnen Vinnies about a month ago, it reminds me of this one by spooky puke, granted its not nearly as cool but we work with what we have. My socks are part of my ever-growing collection, I scored them from kmart along with alot of cat socks for the sweet price of $1.50 each. The shoes  are your standard white flatform, I would actually sell my soul for a holographic pair, but my budget just does not allow. The accessories were a crewed over months of careful thrifting and dollar store digging, but they are truly some of my favourites. 

As my exams are over and the school year mostly finished I have alot of spare time while my boyfriend works as a legal process server. Today I mostly stayed inside and avoided the Canberra heat while binge watching Burn notice, and starting a DIY. But sadly my slowpaced day will not be continuing as I have a huge amount of errands to run within the next week, including thrifting the perfect outfit for Adams firm's Christmas party next week. I'm thinking sequins personally.

Clips and hairties- Thrifted/ The reject store, Lipstick- Lime Crime (mint to be), Necklace- Dollar store, Dress- Thrifted, Belt- Thrifted (kids section), Socks- Kmart, Shoes- Payless Shoes.