Friday, 12 December 2014

I wanna be the girl with the most cake

I spend about eighty percent of my life watching YouTube vlogs and wishing my life was as cool as what they entail, I spend the other twenty percent re watching children's movies and trying not to eat cake. I could get a job, but I like the flexibility of being able to go home as much as I want at the moment. Although I do plan to get one after the new year, which will 'totally happen'. I literally did exactly what I just described today, and went out for an hour to see my councilor which may seem lame to admit on the internet, but IMO theres nothing lame about positive mental health, which also sounds incredibly lame.. (OK I'm just gonna stop). 

When Adam got home from work we went into the city to eat Nandos, literally the only dinner outing we can afford. But Nandos is so good, I could literally live there and eat pitas for the rest of my life. 
Afterwards he bought me the most adorable holographic clutch from Colette that I was lusting over in Civic the other day, and I almost cried with happiness in the store. 

Tomorrow we're going into the Belconnen to go to the trampoline park and to see Mocking Jay Part 1. I'm a huge hunger games fan from when the books came out, and lets be honest who doesn't have a crush on Jennifer Lawrence. Her nudes leaking was one of the worst things I've seen on the internet this year, but her response was killer. Honestly Sexting is just part of a modern day relationship, and the way the public acted over the 'supposed scandal' just enforces the misogynistic attitude related to women. For example, I saw about three naked or near naked men in my newsfeed today, yet that isn't perceived as a big deal? But the media acted as if it was some form of unspeakable act for a female to send provocative photos to a boyfriend. Female actress's have a rough time. 

This outfit is centred around my sunglasses which indeed are the $40 numbers I picked up from Glue on Wednesday. I wish these photos showed about how truly 'radical' the tint on the lenses are. My white muscle singlet pictured over my white crop top I picked up for $2 from an Opshop. I thought it would added a more textured feel to some of my white pieces if layered over. My gold belt actually has hippopotamuses on it and I haven't had a chance to wear it since I bought it but I thought it contrasted nicely with the black of my choker. 

Sunglasses- Glue (Quay eyeware), Choker-, Muscle Singlet- Thrifted, White crop top- Supre, Shorts- Thrifted (Mens section), Belt- Thrifted, Rings- Vintage (Gift from Mum), Hippie store, Stockings- Kmart, Jelly Sandals- Glue, Lipstick- Poisonberry (Limecrime). 

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